Our Partnerships

Through our joint ventures and partnerships, Valentis works with industry experts with global experience. We are a trusted service provider for local and international clients including private companies, publicly listed companies and Government agencies.



Valentis Austhai

Valentis Austhai is a joint venture between Valentis and Austhai Geophysics Consultants that offers geophysical survey services in Myanmar. Valentis Austhai has equipment and trained personnel located in Myanmar and Thailand.


Austhai Geophysical Consultants is a specialised geophysics company with headquarters in Bangkok and focusing on the Asia Pacific region with long term experience in Base metal Exploration, Porphyry Gold and Copper exploration (throughout the Asia Pacific and SE Asia) and in Geophysical Data Processing and Modeling for various clients.



The Valentis-Coffey strategic partnership provides environmental & social services, health & safety advisory, site assessment and site remediation. Valentis-Coffey has delivered a number of successful projects in Myanmar.


Coffey is one of the world’s largest environmental managementservices companies with offices globally.



Valentis in partnership with Intertek established a mineral sample preparation facility in Yangon. Samples are currently prepared in Yangon and sent to Intertek Philippines or Australia for analysis. The sample preparation facility has been operational since 2016 with a current processing capacity of 150 samples per day.


Intertek provides minerals testing, inspection and certification services to support mining activities around the world. With a global network of over 1,000 laboratories, sample preparation facilities and offices in key mining regions and ports, Intertek offers a wide range of minerals services to the mining and minerals exploration industries.

Minerals analytical laboratories provide high quality minerals assay and testing services utilising the latest technology along with proven scientific methods.

Intertek are constantly evaluating new instrumentation and technology to continuously improve quality, efficiency and add value for our clients. Intertek specialises in provision and operation of the latest automated and robotic laboratory solutions.