Project Moon

Foreign Joint Venture For Myanmar Copper Project

Valentis advised an Australia Stock Exchange Listed client on a joint venture with a local Myanmar company on an exploration project. The JV will be one of the first of its kind in Myanmar’s mining sector.


Bawdwin Hero

Desktop review followed by field reconnaissance to identify potential brownfield prospects. Geological due diligence (including ground geophysics) and commercial negotiation to form a joint venture between the Myanmar company and client.






Sagaing Division


  • The Valentis team quickly engaged with the priority target and successfully negotiated and signed an MOU between the Myanmar company and client to progress geological due diligence.
  • Geological work was undertaken while commercial due diligence and negotiation was undertaken for formation of the joint venture. Titeline Valentis is currently undertaking exploration drilling on the project.


  • Desktop and field visit to a target region leading to a short list of sites for recommendation to the client for further review.
  • Collation of historical concessions, DGSE surveys and regional government office information to understand interest areas.
  • Geological work including sampling, mapping, ground geophysics complemented by commercial DD and stakeholder management including obtaining government approvals.


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