Project Lime

Limestone / Marble Study Of Myanmar

Valentis was engaged to provide a quality and prospectivity report for the distribution of high purity limestone and marble deposits located throughout Myanmar.


Lime Hero

Valentis utilised its GIS database to provide a detailed review to determine key target areas of interest. This was followed by commercial discussions with potential partners.




Limestone / Marble


Mandalay Region and Mon State



  • Valentis provided a regional study including occurrence data, production / usage of current operations, infrastructure and accessibility, and current opportunities and exploration targets. This was compiled into a GIS database.
  • Valentis also conducted commercial due diligence on the potential partners.


  • The project focused on the Mandalay and Mon regions due to their close proximity to existing infrastructure including towns, roads, rivers and rail.
  • The project involved digitising of manual records from multiple sources.


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