Lonkin / Hpakant

Environmental Management Plan For Gems Tract

Coffey and Valentis prepared Environmental Management Plans for the Lonkhin/Hpakant Gems tract in Kachin State, Myanmar’s main source of jade.


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The jade mining operation in Lonkhin/Hpakant Gems Tract has resulted in environmental damage. To address this impact, EMPs were prepared for each of the main zones. These EMPs will be implemented with the guidance of Myanmar Gems and Jewellery Entrepreneurs Association by all the Jade Mining Companies.


Myanmar Gems Enterprise




Kachin State



  • Detailed advice was provided on:
    • The laws and regulations for environmental management
    • The existing environment and impact assessment
    • The environmental framework
    • Measures to be adopted to improve environmental performance
    • Methods for proper mine closure and rehabilitation
    • Performance criteria for determining successful implementation of the EMP
  • The EMPs will be applicable for all mining companies and provide practical instructions to protect the environment, ensure mine safety and enhance the quality of life of the community around the mines.


  • The EMPs are designed to address the impacts causing the most harm to people and the environment. They focus on creating stable land forms to prevent landslides and flooding, as well as erosion and sedimentation of rivers, creeks and streams.
  • There are also specific measures to safeguard native forests and their plants and animals, properly manage waste, reduce dust, minimize noise and promote revegetation when mining is finished.
  • The EMP preparation involved a team of environmental specialists, social scientists, geotechnical engineers and geologists who conducted extensive consultations with mining companies, NGOs and local administration.


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