Bawdwin Mine

JORC Resource For Historic Mine

The Bawdwin mine is one of the most historic mines in Myanmar and remains a world-class mineral deposit.  Valentis developed and managed a resource drilling program that successfully defined the first JORC (2012) compliant resource in Myanmar.


Bawdwin Hero

Valentis undertook a geological review, digital database construction, open pit sampling program and diamond core drilling program to define a resource to JORC (2012) standard. An exploration targeting review and strategy report was also completed.


Bawdwin Joint Venture


Lead, silver, zinc, copper


Shan State



  • An Inferred Mineral Resource for Pb, Ag, Zn and Cu defined to JORC (2012) standard.
  • A fully validated digital database containing all previous mining (open pit and underground) data from the 1950’s, and all drilling, sampling, geology and infrastructure data. This database was the key platform required to build the new Mineral Resource estimate, and will provide a digital operating system for the mine in the future.
  • The project will be Myanmar’s first JORC compliant resource.


  • Scanning and digitization of mine plans and records from early 1900s into a WGS-based datum.
  • Open pit and underground sampling campaign, followed up by drilling campaign of 3,000m.
  • Detailed 3D geological modelling and Resource estimation using Micromine software.
  • Initial exploration targeting review and strategy report to define further potential Mineral Resources on the project concession.


Bawdwin Mine 1
Bawdwin Mine 2
Bawdwin Mine 4
Bawdwin Mine 12
Bawdwin Mine 3
Bawdwin Mine 6
Bawdwin Mine 7
Bawdwin Mine 8
Bawdwin Mine 9
Bawdwin Mine 10
Bawdwin Mine 11
Bawdwin Mine 15

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